Li gave me 6 eggs today and all of them was fertilized. Nea gave me 7 infertlie eggs 3 days ago. Picture of Li on her clutch under "F-projects" category.

Season is on and Jane laid her eggs today. 7 eggs but only 2 fertile. The fun thing about this day is that she laid her eggs the same date last season. Picture under "F-projects" category.

"Collection" updated. A Cinnamon came today from 214Reptiles. She has really nice pattern and she is also a Ringer. Check her out under "collection" category.

"Collection" updated. A Fire female came today. Really clean pattern and very light colors. Hard to photograph. But I have one picture of her under "collection" category.

"F-Projects" updated. I have one more female I will breed. All 3 females have been locked up with pinstripe but ontly 2 with my lemonpastel. Iam hoping for a couple of female Lemonpastels this year for some future projects.

"F-Projects" updated. Beginning for a new generation

I got a new morph today from Expo-sthlm in sweden. One little Enchi male.

I got a new morph today from Expo-syd in sweden. One little Striped-spider female.

My ballpython female Jane had her babies hatch today. She gave me one Pinstripe and 2 Normals. See more under "F-projects".

Okey Hi everyone. As many peaople know I had all my snakes available on Snake-life and I have sold of most of them. But I was keeping my Ballpythons and I had a couple of breedings this season on some of them and today Clutch nr 1 was come. I will update my homepage soon so you people out there can follow my projects and what Iam doing.

All snakes on Snake-life.com are available. I will take a break from snakes to focus on musicproduction. Ask me if you are interested in any snakes on the page.

F-projects updated for breedingseason 2008/2009

I have very sad news for today. Female number 2 didnīt make it. She died today. She leave us the babies but died today. Sadly but true! :*(

Amazontreeboa female number 2 gave me babies yesturday. See more information about that under "F-projects".

I was in a swedish show today "Expo-Stockholm" and bought 2 new animals. One Rainbow-boa and one het-pied Ballpython. I have pictures in "collection"

Amazontreeboa babies is now "available"

I picked up a new Ballpython today. A Lesser-platinum female. She is light and pretty as they should be.

My Blackback babies has shed and I have a few pictures of them under "F-projects"

Today is a good day. My yellow Amazontreeboa female gave me 7 babies. No slugs. All babies are yellow with some black in. "Picture in F-projects"

I had some problem with my camera when my blackbak babies hatched out so I will upload pictures of them when they have shed beacuse they not looks so good right now because they are in a deep shed.

The female that gave me eggs in 15/6 is hatching right now. Two babies are out and one is still to go. I will upload pictures when the last one is out of the egg. "F-projects" updated about the history of this Female who gave me these eggs.

One of my normal Ballpython female laid 4 eggs tonight. One egg was infertile. Hatchingdate: About 16/8. She was gravid when I bought her so I have no idea what she was bred to.

My Red/Yellow patterned female Amazontreeboa had her Ovulation yesturday. I will update the "F-projects" when she sheds and then start to count down.

"F-projects" is updated. The ballpython eggs Ive got looks not so good. I dont think this clutch will give any babies. One of mine Yellow Amazontreeboa female looks pregnant. If babies will come they will hatch in October-November.

I have one new Ballpython female that gave me 6 eggs today. I did not knew that she was gravid. That was a big surprise for me. 4 of the eggs looks white and good, 2 of them looks abit yellow but in one of them I can see venes when candle it. I will incubate them too. If babies will hatch they will pop out in the beginning of July.

One of mine favourite Red Amazontreeboas died today. He was three years old but has grown slower then other Amazontreeboas in my collection. He was right in a shed cycle and when I woked up this morning I saw that he was totally dead. RIP My red favourite

I visit Expo-mitt reptile show today and sold 5 Amazontreeboas and bought one Amazontreeboa and three Ballpythons.

My Amazontreeboa breedings have start. "F-projects" updated.

I was light the Junglecarpet egg that I have in my incubator. It looks fertile because of the Veins inside it.

I have one new stunning Corallus hortulanus male with no black pigments.

The Cheynei female drop me 6 infertile eggs today and one maby fertile egg. Better luck next season but with a bunch of luck I can hatch out one little Carpet.

My gravid Cheynei female drop me 1 infertile egg today. Will see if the rest is slugs or eggs. More to come

New picture on my Gonyosoma oxycephala under "Pictures".

F-projects is updated. Pictures of the Junglecarpets breeding and the females ovulation.

Bought a new Ballpython female today. She is very light in coloration. Pictures will come later.

Happy new year. Just want to told you that "F-projects" is updated for this season. More will come.

New snake arrived today. A Ballpython Pinstripe.

Avaialble is updated.

I have a new picture on a striped holdback Ballpython in the "Collection" category.

I have new pictures on my Spider and Lemonpastel Ballpython in the "Collection" category.

Red/yellow Corallus hortulanus female eating a slug

My red/yellow Corallus hortulanus drop me 6 slugs today and no live. I will give her a new try this common season. She was eating three of the slugs.

Snake-life has begin working with Ballpython morphs. Pictures will come later.

New price on the Peruvians. watch "Available"

Picture on my new Gonyosoma Oxycephala

I bought a pretty cool snake this week. A female Gonyosoma Oxycephala. She is so pretty and eat like a monster. Took about 5 seconds for her to eat her first meal here. She is a 07' animal.

New wallpaper under "pictures" and one new red Corallus hortulanus in my collection.

Today I visit the EXPO-Stockholm show and bought one new Corallus hortulanus. Red one with diffuse patterns. I will upload pictures soon.

Snake-life will come to the Expo-Stockholm show in september 29. See you there. Peruvians can be delivered to that show.

I have some new snakes and will upload pictures and information soon. The peruvians works great. Shed and eat like monsters. The mother eats well to.

Peruvians available on the "available" page.

10 of 11 Peruvian babies has shed and 8 of them have also eat for the first time. I will sex them soon. They are starting to color out a little bit. They look soo good.

Peruvian litter was born today. 11 live and 1 slug. She was due 111 days from POS. The mother looks good but tired. Will feed her in a couple of days. This is the 3:rd litter born in Europe and the first litter official born in Sweden. More pictures in "F-projects"

I have add some new snakes into my collection. I will upload pictures later. Time will tell

The peruvian female is now on day 95 from the last shed. My multicolor ATB is very dark near black. The red/yellow ATB is darker than normal but not so much. The ATBīs should give there litters around Nov/Dec.

My Peruvian female was on a trip in her cage today so I took my camera and snap a few pictures of her. She looks huge and dark and have a clear scale separation. Here are two pictures of her.

The Peruvian female looks very big again. I will try to feed her next weekend and see if she takes it. Maby I was count down from wrong shed. If I count from the last shed she would have a litter in August. I will have you updated.

My Yellow/red ATB ovulated today. Picture in "F-projects"

Multicolor ATB did not eat so that is a good gravid sign. My Peruvian female eat but she is still fat in the back. Strange but true. I have to wait and see.

The Multicolor ATB had her Post ovulation shed last night. "F-projects updated!"

Multicolor Corallus hortulanus in the POS shed. The peruvian has not due yet and she is on day 127 from POS. I was try feed her yesturday and she took one small rat and that was doing me worry because they normally let it be but we have to wait and see. More to come

"F-projects" updated

Peruvian female still in shed but the Male shed today so I snap a few pictures and change my "collection" picture of him.

The Corallus hortulanus group is still courting. Peruvian female is in a shedcycle at the moment but when she has shed I think she will drop babies. More to come!

My peruvian female looks very very huge and will hopefully deliver a litter in about 10 more days. News and pictures will come!

"F-projects" updated.

New Corallus hortulanus in my collection. He is orange and clean with a nice tail. Check it out in "collection".

Peruvian female is fat and aggressive. Typically pregnant behaviour. If anything goes right the litter will come in about 6 weeks. New pictures on the female in the "pictures" category.

The peruvian Female still looks gravid and rest on the hotspots often. She is still eating but only given small preys.

In yesturday I saw a copulation between my Peruvians again. I will update the "F-projects" link when the other projects start. See you later

I found the Bcc peru female in a heat conversation position mode today. Iam pretty glad today. Picture under "pictures"

The peruvian Bcc female shed yesturday. Post ovulation shed. Litter is expected in april.

My Peruvian Bccīs copulated today. Picture in "Pictures". Females body has going down after the Pre-Ovulation. She has not get into any shed cycle yet. Snake-life has a couple of breeding projects this season and will update "F-projects" soon. Merry Christmas

I have created a Corallus hortulanus caresheet. You can read it under "facts".

I have seen a sucsessful breeding between my Peruvian Bccīs and the female has Ovulated. Picture in "F-projects"

In Yesturday I visit the Expo-Stockholm show and bought one Red/yellow Corallus hortulanus.

Snake-life will come to the Expo-Stockholm show in 30/9. Now the "F-projects" is updated for 2006/2007.

Ballpython litter "available".

My peruvian female looks swollen. I think it is the Pre-ovulation. The male is in a shed cycle but i hope that he will shed in a few days and go on with the breeding. The Ballpython litter would be available in 1 or 2 weeks. You will see it under available.

New ATB in "Collection" and a new picture of one of my Ms cheynei male in "Pictures". My Peruvian male still try breed my peruvian female.

Yesturday I bought one pair of M.s cheynei. They was born in a twin litter and in one of the eggs it was three babies. Three babies in one snake egg is the first time ever in the world in captivity and it is genetic. This could be a very interesting pair of M.s cheynei.

Today Ive got 5 new C.hortulanus.

All eggs are hatched. One was dead. Pictures and information in "F-projects".

There are three ballpython eggs left in the incubator. Two of them are alive and one is dead. Ofcourse the dead one was the prettiest so far. A long stripe down the neck. Pictures will come.

4 Ballpython eggs are hatched. There are three left but Iam not sure if they are alive. I will update you tomorrow. I have a few hatching pictures in "F-projects". Have a nice day

The first Ballpython egg was start hatching today. Pictures will come when more is happening. I have to go check the incubator now :)

Today my Ballpython eggs have laid in the incubator 56 days so they will hatch very soon. Normal incubation time is between 52-60 days in right conditions.

New pictures at three new C.hortulanus in "collection". The Ballpython eggs looks good and the yellow C.hortulanus looks pretty fat.

Ballpython female laid 7 eggs today. All of them looks good and have a good size.

This is the best day for me this year. I bought the prettiest Corallus hortulanus Ive ever seen in sweden. I will upload pictures of them in a few weeks. I dont want to disturb them to much now.

My Yellow C.hortulanus looks pregnant. More info in "F-Projects"..

New Wallpaper category in "Pictures".

My red/yellow multicolor C.hortulanus looks pregnant. More info in "F-Projects".

I have new pictures on my M.s Cheynei pair.

This is not my lucky time for C.hortulanus. The newest orange male died for me yesturday :(

My female Ballpython looks restless. Maby she is looking for a good place to lay her eggs. You will be updated as soon as anything happens.

One juvenile "Corallus hortulanus" died for me today. He had been sick for a while and didnīt make it. Sad but true.

I went to "Stockholm Symposium 2006" show today. Much people and reptiles. Belive it or not, I didnīt bought any snakes this time.

A new Orange Corallus hortulanus male arrived today. I will try use him in the breeding project next year.

Projects updated.

Projects updated for this season 2005/2006

"Links" updated!

Mine Ameiva ameiva male died today :( This is not a good week for me :(

My only matured ATB male died for me today. He was red/yellow and was so pretty :*( My yellow female shed today and she is the female that i planned to paired with that male this season

New snakes in my collection. Check it out. A Male atb and a pair of L.T Sinaloae

Cheynei male shed yesturday!

My newest yellow ATB shed yesturday!

In yesturday it was a reptileshow which called "Expo-sthlm" and i bought 1.1 L.T Sinaloae and 0.0.1 Amazontreeboa from there :)

My Peruvian female shed yesturday. My Ballpythons was mated today AGAIN :) They will never stop. They started in July :)

Purple garden female shed yesturday

Ballpython female shed yesturday